Star Trek

Minimates Round Clear Stands Bag of 24

This bag of 24 round, clear display stands is compatible with most Minimates. Bases are approximately 1.25" in diameter.


Star Trek "The Cage" Enterprise Minimate Vehicle

With new paint and sculptural details and an exclusive figure of Captain Pike, the ship measures 10 inches long and features an opening cockpit and a hidden Jeffries tube in the engineering section.


Star Trek Legacy Series 1 Minimates Asst.

The first series of two-packs includes Star Trek II Capt. Kirk and Khan (x4), First Contact Capt. Picard and Borg Queen (x3), Season 7 Capt. Sisko and Jem Hadar (x3) and Capt. Archer and Xindi (x2) from Enterprise!


Star Trek Minimates TOS Mirror Enterprise Vehicle

From the classic Star Trek episode "Mirror, Mirror," it's the I.S.S. Enterprise!


Star Trek TOS Enterprise Minimate Vehicle Case of 4

With an opening cockpit and a hidden Jefferies tube in the engineering section, the ship measures 9 inches long and includes an exclusive Minimate of Captain Kirk. 4 ships per case.