Marvel Busts Archive

Ultimate Nick Fury Bust

Sculpted by Gabriel Marquez, the Nick Fury bust measures 7” in tall and includes a full-color, hand-numbered Certificate of Authenticity. Limited to 5,000 pieces worldwide.


Ultimate Nick Fury Special Edition Bust

Also available as a Special Edition bust featuring a silver-toned SHIELD display base.


Ultimate Spider-Man Bust

The Box features all-new artwork by Mark Bagley, inspired by the bust itself. This 6 ½” tall piece is limited to a 10,000-piece total production run, and comes with full-color Certificate of Authenticity.


Ultimate Spider-Man Special Edition Bust

This special edition “sans-webline” bust, inspired by the first time Peter Parker donned the Spider-Man costume! This version is limited to 500 pieces, each including a Certificate/Mini-Print, hand-signed by Mark Bagley and sculptor Sam Greenwell!


Ultimate Storm Bust

The box features brand new original artwork by Adam Kubert along with a bonus print depicting his drawing of the Storm bust, following his first look at the completed piece. Also available is a Special Edition bust featuring gold accents and a Certificate


Ultimate Storm Bust

Straight from the pages of Ultimate X-Men – comes this beautiful action-posed bust of the X-Men’s resident weather manipulator, Storm!


Ultimate Thing Bust

Painted and ready to display, the bust is accompanied by a hand-numbered, Certificate of Authenticity and is limited to 3,000 pieces worldwide.


Ultimate Wolverine Bust

This piece is in scale with the rest of the Ultimate line, and measures 7” tall including the display base featuring the Ultimate X-Men logo. The box features art by series artist Adam Kubert, colored by Rich Isanove, and inspired by the bust itself. This


Ultimate Wolverine Special Edition Bust

Also available as a Special Edition version, limited to just 500 pieces, each including a Certificate/mini-print, hand-signed by Kubert and Garcia!