Rogues Gallery Scorpion Bust

This bust measures 6” tall from the base to top of his head, and is in scale with the rest of the Rogues’ Gallery line. Limited to 6,500 pieces worldwide, each packed with a hand-numbered, full-color Certificate of Authenticity.

You think you’ve seen it all?  All that Art Asylum and Diamond Select have to show?  What more could they do to make people stand up and take notice?  How about taking on one of Spidey’s oldest and most established villains and showing him in a way never seen before?  The next generation is here!  With his deadly tail poised, and ready to strike, and rising up from a base of broken flooring, the Scorpion is ready to take his place on your shelf next to the other nemeses that haunt young Peter Parker’s dreams!  This bust features a metallic paint style to accurately portray the cybernetic armor that J. Jonah Jameson had bonded to Scorpion’s flesh in an effort to “Kill the Spider!”