Rogues Gallery Kraven Bust

Measuring 6” high and 4” wide, the Kraven Bust is limited to 6,000 pieces worldwide and features a full-color, hand-numbered certificate of authenticity.

Designed and sculpted by Art Asylum! The Hunter has been captured! The inmates at the Asylum have captured one of Spidey’s oldest and deadliest foes, Kraven the Hunter! The detailed jungle-themed base adds just the right touch to the regal King of the Jungle. Tired of defeating all manner of Jungle beasts, Kraven turned his sights on a just-emerging Spider-Man, only to find this spider was not so easily caught. Years later, Kraven returned and defeated, as well as replaced, his longtime foe. The story was one of the most talked-about in comics history, and this bust will be talked about for years to come as well.