Legends in 3D

Legends in 3-D Marvel Deadpool Half-Scale 10" Resin Bust

Deadpool has a big mouth, and now that mouth just got a lot bigger!


Legends in 3D Marvel Iron Man Half-Scale 10" Resin Bust

Tony Stark is a legend in his own time, and now he’s a Legend in 3D!


Legends in 3D Marvel Movie Thor Ragnarok Hulk 1/2 Scale Bust

This bust burns like raging fire!


Legends in 3D Marvel Spider-Man Half-Scale 10" Resin Bust

Spider-Man is an icon of the Marvel Universe, so DST is celebrating his legendary status with a Legends in 3D bust!


Legends in 3D Movie Avengers Endgame Rocket Half-Scale Bust

The Avengers’ shortest member gets a big bust from DST!


Legends in 3D Movie Bruce Lee 1/2 Scale bust

Just in time for Bruce Lee’s 80th birthday, this half-scale bust captures the martial-arts legend’s portrait, measuring approximately 10 inches tall atop a dragon pillar.


Legends in 3D Movie Jack Sparrow Half-Scale 10" Resin Bust

It’s the ultimate treasure for any pirate!


Legends in 3D Movie Rocketeer 1/2 Scale Bust

The high-flying Rocketeer is now a Legend in Three Dimensions!