Godzilla Archive

Godzilla 2000 Sculpted Pizza Cutter

Destroy all toppings!


Godzilla Classic Godzilla Metal Bottle Opener

From out of the burning sun it came, a monster called... Thirst!


Godzilla Classic Minimates Series 1 Box Set

What's the best way to stop a towering atomic monster? Put him in your pocket!


Godzilla Classic Minimates Series 2 Box Set

The Classic Godzilla Minimates line continues, with new 2-inch mini-figures of Godzilla and his greatest foes!


Godzilla Classic Minimates Series 3 Box Set

Godzilla is back, and he brought company! This all-new box set of tiny, 2-inch monsters includes a new version of Godzilla, plus four of his greatest friends and enemies!


Godzilla Mechagodzilla Metal Bottle Opener

Mechagodzilla's head lives on as the newest Godzilla bottle opener from DST!