Godzilla 1989 Vinyl Bust Bank

Is he monster, or hero, or both?


Godzilla Burning Godzilla 12" Vinyl Figural Bank

Godzilla is more than just a giant lizard – he's also a walking nuclear reactor!


Godzilla Classic 1974 Vinyl Figure Bank

Watch out, MechaGodzilla! The newest full-figure bank in DST’s line of vinyl kaiju is your old foe Godzilla, exactly as he appeared in 1974’s Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla! And you know what happened in that movie!


Godzilla Classic 1989 Vinyl Figure Bank

This vinyl bank of the city-destroying and alien-fighting lizard called Godzilla is based on his appearance in the 1989 movie "Godzilla vs. Biollante"!


Godzilla Classic Mechagodzilla Vinyl Figural Bank

Godzilla's greatest foe is launching his attack!


Godzilla Classic Rodan 1993 Vinyl Figure Bank

Whether you be a friend, foe, or Godzilla himself, beware the coming of Rodan!


Godzilla Gallery Godzilla 1991 PVC Diorama

From the deep, a new line of Gallery PVC Dioramas rises!


Godzilla Gallery Godzilla 1993 Deluxe PVC Diorama

The next series of Godzilla Gallery Dioramas, based on Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II, kicks things off with the big G himself!


Godzilla Gallery King Ghidorah 1991 PVC Diorama

From the distant future, a new line of Gallery PVC Dioramas rises!


Godzilla Gallery Rodan 1993 Deluxe PVC Diorama

It’s the ultimate team-up!


Godzilla Gallery SDCC 2020 Godzilla 1995 PVC Diorama

Godzilla gets all fired up in this new Gallery Diorama!


Godzilla Jet Jaguar Vinyl Figural Bank

The robotic hero Jet Jaguar is now the next bank in DST’s line of vinyl Godzilla banks!