Femme Fatales

DC TV Gallery Supergirl PVC Statue

The Girl of Steel is now part of the DC Gallery!


Femme Fatales Anne Bonny Pirate Raider Variant PVC Statue NYCC 2011

This limited-edition paint variant was only available at New York Comic-Con 2011, and was limited to only 100 hand-numbered pieces. Comes packaged in a window box.


Femme Fatales Atom Eve Invincible PVC Statue

Springing from the pages of the comic book Invincible, it's Atom Eve!


Femme Fatales Darkchylde PVC Statue

Standing over 9 inches tall with her nightmarish wings, this statue of Darkchylde's Ariel is cast in high-grade vinyl and features a high level of detail and an exacting paint process.


Femme Fatales Hack/Slash Cassie Hack PVC Statue

Supernatural slashers beware!


Femme Fatales Kabuki Unmasked PVC Statue NYCC 2013

This unmasked edition, originally exclusive to New York Comic-Con 2013, is limited to 100 numbered pieces. The PVC statue stands 9 inches tall and comes packaged in a window box.