Femme Fatales

DC Gallery Batman The Animated Series Laughing Fish Joker PVC Figure

The Joker makes a triumphant return to the DC Gallery line! This is no joke – the Joker is the second figure in the Batman: The Animated Series Gallery line!


DC Gallery Batman The Animated Series Zatanna PVC Figure

The sorceress of the DC Universe is the next DC Animated Gallery PVC figure!


DC Gallery Deluxe Batman TAS Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary PVC Diorama

Harley Quinn is turning 25, but you get the present!


DC Gallery Justice League Animated Hawkgirl PVC Statue

The line of DC Animated PVC statues continues with this sculpture of Hawkgirl in action!


DC Gallery Justice League Animated Wonder Woman PVC Statue

She’s not your ordinary princess! As the daughter of the Amazon queen of Themyscira, Wonder Woman was granted strength and flight by the gods, and stands side-by-side with Batman and Superman as a member of the Justice League!


DC Gallery Justice League Black Canary PVC Figure

The heroines of the DC Animated Universe are expanding their roster!


DC Gallery Justice League Galatea PVC Figure

It’s the girl who would be Power Girl!


DC Gallery Justice League Huntress PVC Figure

Criminals beware, the Huntress is here!


DC Gallery Justice League Unlimited Exclusive Supergirl PVC Statue

Diamond Select Toys kicks off their line of DC Animated Universe products this fall, but AFX is kicking things off early with an exclusive Femme Fatales statue of Supergirl!


DC Gallery Man Who Killed Batman Harley Quinn PVC Figure

Who knew Harley Quinn was such a mistress of disguise!


DC Gallery New Batman Adventures Poison Ivy PVC Diorama

It’s time for another dose of poison!


DC Gallery Superman Animated Series Supergirl PVC Statue

DST is finally entering the world of the DC Animated Universe!