DC Minimates

Gotham Minimates Fateful Meeting Jim Gordon & Bruce Wayne 2-Pack SDCC Exclusive

The first season of TV’s Gotham may be over, but anticipation for the fall premiere has already begun!


Gotham TV Minimates Series 1 Box Set

One of the biggest shows on TV just got tiny!


Gotham TV Minimates Series 2 Box Set

The Minimates gang is making a power play!


Gotham TV Minimates Series 3 Rise of the Villains Box Set

It’s time for some bad guys, as this all-new Minimates box set brings you three villains (and one hero) from the latest season of the hit Fox TV show, Gotham!


Gotham TV Minimates Series 4 Wrath of the Villains Box Set

Gotham City is getting stranger, and so is the Gotham Minimates line!


iZombie TV Minimates 2-Pack

You are who you eat!


Watchmen Movie Minimates Box Set

We may not know who watches the Watchmen, but now fans of the epic superhero film can watch the Watchmen join their Minimates mini-figure collection!