DC Gallery & Femme Fatales

DC Comic Gallery Nightwing PVC Diorama

The prodigal sidekick returns in this dynamic PVC diorama!


DC Comic Gallery Red Death PVC Diorama

How deadly is your Gallery?


DC Comic Gallery Shazam PVC Diorama

The Wisdom of Solomon! The Strength of Hercules!


DC Comic Gallery Suicide Squad Harley Quinn PVC Diorama

Harley Quinn is the woman of the hour, the year and the decade, and this all-new PVC diorama captures her latest comic book appearance, with her corset, trademark hammer and red-and-blue pigtails!


DC Comic Gallery Supergirl PVC Diorama

How super is your Gallery?


DC Comic Gallery Superman PVC Diorama

Have you started your Gallery?


DC Gallery Batman Animated Series Batgirl PVC Diorama

Gotham City’s gorgeous guardian is the next Femme Fatales PVC Statue to come out of Batman: The Animated Series!


DC Gallery Batman Animated Series Poison Ivy PVC Diorama

DST’s line of Femme Fatales PVC statues based on the women of the DC Animated Universe continues with Poison Ivy!


DC Gallery Batman New Adventures Catwoman PVC Diorama

We’ve never been more excited for a black cat to cross our path!


DC Gallery Batman New Adventures Nightwing PVC Diorama

Robin sets off on a new adventure!


DC Gallery Batman The Animated Series “Almost Got 'Im” Harley Quinn B&W PVC Figure SDCC Exclusive

DST is celebrating the femme fatales of Batman: The Animated Series with a line of PVC dioramas, and Comic-Con kicks the line off with an exclusive variant version of Harley Quinn!