DC Animated Busts and Statues

Justice League Animated Martian Manhunter Resin Bust

The last Martian joins the Justice League resin bust series!


Justice League Animated Premier Collection Batman Statue

The epic trinity of Justice League resin statues kicks off with none other than Batman himself!


Justice League Unlimited Animated Shazam Resin Bust

You don’t need the wisdom of Solomon to know that this bust is a must-buy!


Legends in 3D TV Batman TAS Half-Scale Bust

Pay tribute to the Legend of the Dark Knight with this half-scale bust of Batman, as he appeared in Batman: The Animated Series!


Superman The Animated Series Brainiac Resin Bust

The DC Animated Universe bust series continues with one of Superman’s greatest villains!


Superman The Animated Series Clark Kent Resin Bust

This looks like a job for Superman!


Superman The Animated Series Darkseid Resin Bust

Who's the next resin bust in the Superman series? DARKSEID IS!


Superman The Animated Series Lex Luthor Resin Bust

Everyone has their heroes, and to some, that hero is Lex Luthor!


Superman The Animated Series Supergirl Resin Bust

Criminals of Metropolis beware!


Superman The Animated Series Superman Resin Bust

DST’s line of DC Animated resin busts continues, with the second offering from Superman: The Animated Series – Superman himself!