Buffy Archive

BTVS Book of Vengeance Box Set

Featuring Anya, Anyanka, and D'Hoffryn!


BTVS Buffy & Dawn Set

Only available as part of this assortment is the Limited Edition “Once More With Feeling” Dawn figure. This one-per-case figure includes Dawn's diaries, amulet and Bronze floor base. Each figure comes individually carded.


BTVS Buffy Becoming Bust

Limited to 5,000 pieces worldwide, painted and ready to display, and featuring a hand-numbered base with matching box and Certificate of Authenticity


BTVS Buffy Ornament

Perfect for decorating any Buffy or Angel fan's tree this Christmas, the Buffy Ornament features a scanned likeness of Sarah Michelle Gellar on a pedastal base.


BTVS Buffy-Bot Action Figure

A Time and Space Toys Exclusive!


BTVS Cheerleader Buffy Figure

An Action Figure Xpress Exclusive!


BTVS Dark Witch Willow Figure

Six-Inch-Tall Cinequest.com Exclusive Figure!


BTVS Deluxe Series 1 Bad Girls Faith Figure

An Action Figure Xpress Exclusive


BTVS Deluxe Series 1 End of Days Buffy Figure

A Tower Records Exclusive!