Buffy Archive

ATS Spike Ornament

Perfect for decorating any Buffy or Angel fan's tree this Christmas, the Spike Ornament features a scanned likeness of James Marsters on a pedastal base.


ATS Vampire Angel Action Figure

A Tower Records Exclusive!


ATS You're Welcome Cordelia Figure

An Action Figure Xpress exclusive!


BTVS "Graduation Day" Angel Action Figure

A Musicland Exclusive!


BTVS Angel 21" Spike Puppet Plush

Depicting the puppet version of the blond Brit himself, this 24” plush toy is the perfect companion to the sold-out Puppet Angel Plush! Limited to 5,000 pieces, the Puppet Spike Plush features a hand-numbered box with matching Certificate of Authenticity.


BTVS Angel Feigenbaum Bunny Plush Replica

Appropriately named after the famous Chaos Theory scientist and limited to 2,500 pieces, this cute and furry window-boxed icon measures 18” tall and is sure to please any Buffy or Angel fan!


BTVS Anyanka Figure

ActionFigureXpress.com Exclusive


BTVS Anyanka Ornament

Anyanka (from "The Wish")


BTVS Bad Girls Wesley Action Figure

A Diamond Previews Exclusive!


BTVS Beneath You Spike Action Figure

A Time and Space Toys Exclusive!