Buffy Archive

BTVS Welcome to the Hellmouth Vampire Darla Figure

A San Diego Comic Con Exclusive!


BTVS White Witch Willow Ornament

White Witch Willow (as the Sunnydale Gang's resident Wiccan appeared in the series finale, "Chosen")


BTVS Willow & Tara Together Forever Figures

Featuring Miss Kitty Fantastico!


BTVS Willow OMWF Bust

Limited to 2,500 pieces, this bust also features a hand-numbered base with matching box and Certificate of Authenticity.


BTVS Willow's Spellbook Box Set

Must-Have Willow Action Figure Window Box Set!


BTVS Xander & Cordelia Set

Includes the limited "Chosen" Xander!


T1 Unpainted Darla

Wizard World Texas Exclusive


T1 Unpainted Lorne

A Wizard World Chicago Exclusive!


T1 Unpainted Wesley

Wizard World Philadelphia Exclusive


Vampire Puppet Angel Plush

Be careful – he’s got a little demon in him…