Ask DST #287: The Irredeemable Ask-Man!

Ask DST #287: The Irredeemable Ask-Man! 

It’s the start of another week, so let’s start the week off right with an all-new Ask DST, where Diamond Select Toys president DSTChuck answers your letters! This week’s Ask is all about DST products based on Marvel comics and movies, including Marvel Select, Marvel Retro and even Marvel Minimates. Read on to see if your question is answered – if not, submit your question via e-mail!


C. Uks

First, I want to you guys to know how Marvelous all your Marvel Diamond Select figures are! So, please, keep up the great work! I have 3-4 questions-

  1. Why aren't more female action figures available or, rather, made?
  2. Will we get to have Black characters, such as Black Panther, Luke Cage, Bishop or M Marvel Diamond Select figures in the near future?
  3. Last question, how come X-Men Marvel Diamond Select figures are modeled after their classic costumes rather than up to date costumes, like most Avengers MDS toys? Thanks in advance for taking the time to answering my questions =)

DSTChuck: Glad you like them.

  1. I can honestly say, for DST, we don’t have any issues with a female figure, when we pick a line plan we try to balance them out with cost and popularity. It never enters the discussion if it’s female or not, and honestly I think we’ve done lots of female characters in Marvel and our other lines.
  2. Pretty much the same answer that I gave to number one.
  3. The Marvel universe is always evolving and costumes change all the time, so we try and pick the most popular, but sometimes we mix in newer looks. If you’re looking for more current editorial content, I think Minimates might be a good place for you to look.


Rodney H.

Hey DST I was wondering if you could answer a few of my questions, I'm a huge marvel select fan. I just started collecting them about a year ago, I love the sculpts and art work. My first question is with age of Ultron ending the way that it did. Are there any chances of a Quick silver select? My second question is are there any talks on a Namor select along with Arch angel and Apocalypse.

DSTChuck: Right now there are no plans for more AoU figures. We have for sure talked about the others, but we just have not found a good place for them in the plans.


Vincent G.

Hello Hello! :D I know I’ve asked if it’s possible to get an Iron Man Mark 1 from the comics and Agent Coulson as a Marvel Select. However...this time I’m more curious about other characters since the films are coming out by next year to 2018. Is there a strong possibility that we will be getting any characters from Marvel Studio's Guardians of the Galaxy as Marvel Select, as well as a movie version of Thanos? I have a list I would love to throw down but for now this is just something I’m curious to ask about. Thank you for your time, and thank you for all the amazing work! -Vincent G. of Chandler, Arizona

DSTChuck: For the most part, we regularly do figures for the Marvel Studios movies. I think the first GoG was a rare exception, and to some extent that was out of DST hands. For next year, we do plan to do figures for Cap 3 and maybe Dr. Strange. For the most part, we have not gone backwards to previous films, but I guess never say never, just to be safe.


Robin J.                                                             

Hi, over the last few weeks there's been reports that Marvel has been pulling the license to make new X-Men merchandise, please say you've not been affected as I'm still wishing for Angel, Beast and Iceman to be made as Marvel select figures.

DSTChuck: I cannot comment on other folks’ licenses, but I fully expect DST will have releases across various categories for the X-Men in 2016.


Azalea S.

Hi! I just wanted to know if there is any way we might see Maestro Hulk from Peter David's Future Imperfect, get made into an action figure. Also, speaking of Peter David, I would love to see characters from his recent Secret Wars 2099 comic, like Iron Man 2099,and Captain America, and S-man from the recently ended Spider-man 2099 comic get made into figures too! I don't know how to normally end one of these letters, so thanks and toodles should work!

DSTChuck: For sure we have talked about Maestro, so we’ll have to see. Not sure about the others.


Stuart H.

Hi DST, with a wealth of new TV based Marvel series in various stages of development and with Daredevil already on Netflix do you have any plans or desire to expand your Marvel Select range to TV figures to compliment the main range of Comic and Movie figures?

DSTChuck: Right now, we do not have any plans to venture into the TV stuff for Select, but that’s an ongoing discussion.


Leonardo L.

Hi, Chuck! I’m new in collecting Marvel select, (I’ve got only Magneto, Sabretooth and Juggernaut) but they're are absolutely perfect! The sculpture is amazing. By now I’m learning to use programs like ZBrush or Maya, and i would love to become able to sculpt like this. I wanted to know if you've got any new X-Men figures in development, Thank you very much!

DSTChuck: Welcome, glad to have you onboard. I think we’ve announced all the figures we are doing in 2015. The announcements should start soonish for 2016. Good luck with Maya and ZBrush.


Sam T.

Hello Art Asylum/DST

My name is Sam and I've admired your work for some time (Marvel Select) Im a big Marvel Fan especially in the Spiderman Universe, and I did notice the Spidey figures you have done, amongst others like Juggernaut, Colossus, Sabretooth, Deadpool and black suit "Web Of Spiderman" WOW!! Just to name a few. lol But it wasn't until the this recent Venom and Carnage figures you released, where I was BLOWN AWAY. I purchased them instantly. I must commend you, I have never seen such a great take on these characters, you've captured there likeness perfectly with an Amazing quality to sculpt, paint apps, accessories, and articulation. My question is, because I can go on and on about how much I love these figures lol.

-Do you think you would be interested in producing a "Maximum Carnage” Cast (enemy specific) like DemoGoblin or Shriek, Do you guys remember that SNES game? Sweet! Personally, I would love love LOVE a DOPPELGANGER figure, OR maybe possibly a Re-Masterd “Symbiote" BLACK SUIT SPIDERMAN, one that could stand up in quality to that Venom and Carnage, pretty please?? Your previous one although amazing, seems outdated with what you’re currently producing now, you could Title it "Back in Black" lol I understand the demand for all kinds of characters are high and most may not be made, but a fan can hope right? This message was to just thank you for such great figures and maybe my suggestions could come to fruition. Again guys’ thank you so much, I look forward to seeing your future products. – BigTimeFan SAM

DSTChuck: Glad you like the ones you have picked up! Right now, we have no plans for Maximum Carnage figures, but anything Spider-Man related is never far from our minds.


Augusto B.

Hey guys, how are you? First I would like to say that I can't wait for a Rogue Marvel Select. You guys know what to do about that! Also I would like to know about something:

1-How hard is to have a license by any character from movies? Would be AWESOME to have an Ultron - Avengers Age of Ultron, I was sad cause I thought we would have Scarlet and Pietro ...guessed it as not this time.

2-Is there a chance for us to get a Jean Grey 90's MS? I mean, Scott and Marvel Girl are really cool, but the last Carnage and Cable show that MS is far better from where it started much better now!

3-Can we PLEASE have a "Winter Soldier" just like the movie? Just like Sebastian Stan? I mean, I need this for my life!!!!

Also, please guys, work on some more X Men, The movies are trash but I miss then on Marvel Select, so many Peter Parker, Hulk, and Captain. Try to release something good for us! P.S Have a nice and wonderful day. I wish you the best!


1.) Every license is different, we’ve had a great working relationship with Marvel for years, so luckily the new movies have not been an issue to date.

2.) Jean is one we have talked about for sure.

3.) Right now there are no plans for Winter Soldier for 2015, but 2016 is a whole new year, so time will tell.


Justin O.

Hello DST, I was wondering if we would be seeing a Marvel Select Apocalypse in 2016? Possibly based off of his classic look or his look from the Age of Apocalypse series? Thanks, Justin

DSTChuck: We have tried to find a place for him in the line-up a few times, but we will keep trying!


Shandon W.

Hello again Chuck, just wondering, since Black Panther is on the upswing, for 2016 is it more likely we'll get a comic Black Panther first?  Then subsequently get a standalone movie version when that time comes? Also, as a suggestion if the prototyping isn't already complete, for a comic version could we get a removable cape, like the Dr. Doom? Finally, IF we do get the movie version as well, if licensing goes as planned, I feel an unmasked Chadwick Boseman head would be a nice addition. I know popular characters sell very well (otherwise they wouldn't be popular) but can something be done about the recent unmasked/standard variants?  I know Disney allows DST to make additional figures outside of their limited number per year, but I think most would prefer a significantly different version of a character or a different character all together.  I.e. TASM2 Spidey and Unmasked TASM2 Spidey.  I really liked how for CA:TWS, you guys did a standard cap and the unmasked battle damaged version.  I thought we would have had a battle damaged Spidey by now, seeing as he's constantly getting battered and bruised.

DSTChuck: I think, as a model, it’s possible we could follow that template like we are with Dr. Strange. Doing a comic version first and then maybe a movie version. I think the maskless variant for Disney is a template we would look to again for movie figures, if it works. If we can spice it up with battle damage and it makes sense, then we’ll look to that again.


Alex D.

Hi Chuck & DST Team, great Marvel Select Figure line up done for 2015.  (1) You said in the last Marvel Ask DST you are half planned for 2016 Marvel Select Figure line up so please tell us some hints or anything for that half planned?  (2) For the other half of 2016 please tell us if you can do a Walt Simonson Thor in beard and full armour, Odin, Namor, Hercules, Beast, Vision, Apocalypse and Wonderman.  Thanks and if can't say much just biggest hints you can help with please. Thanks, Alex

DSTChuck: I can’t do that, BUT I will say 2016 will include several re-issues of previously sold-out figures. There might be something from the Thor comic in the back half of 2016.


Nipun S.

Hey guys, just wondering if you'll bring iron man mark 43, hulk buster, and mark 45. Plus all the Age of Ultron figures such as Captain America, Ultron, and Vision. Thanks :)

DSTChuck: Right now we are done with AoU, sorry.


Shandon W.

I know we're far out and I'm guessing 2016 is pretty much forecasted.  However, I'm hoping we have enough time to possibly nudge those people at Disney for a Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (4 & 1/2 pack).  I've seen you guys handle the oversize packaging for the Fearsome Foes 4-pack and the Munsters 5 pack.  Considering the packaging could be arranged to display vertically, with 4 figures and a barely articulated Rocket, it wouldn't count against your limited releases per year.  Please, say something to those folks at Disney, or give us the email address of who we, the fans, need to message to make this happen! Thanks Chuck.  I know you can't do everything you'd like with this line, although most of 2015 has been unparalleled, but let's make this happen somehow!

DSTChuck: Right now there are no plans for GoG 1 figures; however, as everyone knows, there is a sequel in the works, so time will tell.


Abe K.

Hey Chuck, I always wanted a 7 in scale ARES. Do you think that will be possible soon? Thanks!

DSTChuck: Sorry, he is not planned for 2015, or the front of 2016.

Drew T.

Concerning DST EMCE Mego Marvel 8" figure sets: Most Mego fans have argued the sets are too expensive $80 each and do not like format of 1 retro figure + 2 additional costumes/ heads. And the next set Thor is not due until Nov/Dec 2015 and only 1 new set is to be shown at SDCC 2015 for 2016 release most likely. Is there anyway DST could sell INDIVIDUAL Marvel costumes/heads/accessories for an 8" Mego body like Round 2 did with its 12" Captain Action Marvel costumes that were only $20 each? Just an idea! I am a Mego Marvel Maniac and want to see the license realize its full potential!

DSTChuck: Right now we are concentrating on the box sets. We are also not allowed to release a figure and outfit at a lower retail price. Beyond that, never say never…


Colton J.

Is there going to be anything black Widow for captain America civil war? I have a feeling there’s going to be a Minimate of her but what about marvel select? I know you are doing an Age of Ultron widow but why not Captain America? Or even like one of those really cool statues y’all do?

DSTChuck: Colton, we just released a Black Widow figure for AoU, so I doubt we’d do another one so soon. Our statue deal with Marvel is just starting up, so it’s a little early to say, but a Minimate is a safe bet.


Drew T.

DST Mego Thor set is not due until end of 2015. Another set may be at SDCC. On Facebook DST replied PLENTY more sets are in the works! Will there be sets between Wolverine and Thor? How often will sets be released? Will ALL original Mego Marvels be re-produced? Are Fantastic 4 and more X-Men possible? At least 1 FEMALE in mix? Jean Grey? Spider-Woman? Thanks!

DSTChuck: Drew, I’m glad you are so excited about the line. The next one up is Deadpool. They will all be released in the order they are promoted. We are working on one more right now and we’ll start the one after that as soon as we see orders for Thor. As long as interest is there we will keep going. We have no idea if we’ll ever be able to cover every figure Mego did, or at what point a female will be worked into the mix.


Mario M.

This is all for Marvel Select:

1. Is there a chance we will see a Netflix Daredevil and Punisher for the future season? I am assuming it is too late for any chances for the first season but with the upcoming second season, maybe there is a chance you could get the license to make these figures?

2. Will we ever see Beta Ray Bill?

3. Is there a chance that we would see Gladiator?

4. What about Mysterio or Vulture?

DSTChuck: 1. No plans right now for Netflix but we’ll see.

2, 3 & 4. Sorry, they are not planned at this time, but never say never.



Joey W.

Okay so I love your Marvel select line and I've recently started a collection of the figures. I am particularly a fan of Spiderman's villains. I kind of wanted to do a set up with Spiderman surrounded by emerging villains. I see that you've released great comic book characters like Rhino, Green Goblin, and Lizard. I was just wondering if we could ever expect to see characters like Kingpin and Kraven for example. I think those would be awesome releases for a set up like that and they'd come out really nicely from Diamond Select. Thanks for considering my question and keep up the great work.

DSTChuck: All versions of Spider-Man and the Spider-Man family are considered at all times.


Matt S.

I've written in a few times before and I still love what you guys are doing with the Marvel Select line.  I'm still looking forward to when my movie Black Widow arrives as well as my Ant-Man, pre-ordered them both.  The Hulk-Buster Iron Man is such a fantastic figure, I just picked that one up.  Thanks for a great 2015, really looking forward to what you guys have planned for Captain America next year, with Civil War.  With Cap being my favorite comic character, maybe someday a Marvel Now version of Steve's uniform.  Please keep up the good work.

DSTChuck: Matt, you should have both by now. I hope you like them.



Chax R.

Hello Diamond Select, I hope I am writing on the right page of your website. I would just like to mention and suggest some interesting stuff for Marvel Select that will definitely be great for fans as well. We love Marvel Select since the early 2000s and we were excited this year with the addition of figures like Modern Hawkeye, Mighty Thor, Hulkbuster. It was awesome! In addition, I would suggest some characters that will really sell and a must have for fans:
1. Ronan the Accuser (movie version)
- we all know that Hasbro released the entire Guardians heroes as well as a previous comic Ronan as BAF. But that figure is so hard to find nowadays but incredibly overrated. It was not great (I owned one but sold already) and I feel that Diamond Select would do a far better job on this especially being in the 7 inch line. The movie version right now stands as the most popular and highly recognized version of Ronan, hence the release of figures in Minimates and Disney's Marvel infinity. You can search around web and see how many people customize this movie version. I mean this character is so hot right now I even sold my Hasbro BAF at a very premium price and hope Diamond Select would make the best version.
2. Groot (Comic version in Guardians blue uniform)
- If you can make this figure this will definitely blow the roof off any toy stores. Collectors have wanting this version but hasbro keeps making the bare naked tree version. Hasbro released two versions of the same mold but without the uniform. Just a bare naked tree. If you can make one for us, this one is no question would be the definitive Groot Action figure. You can even include a plant baby version which would smash hasbro's version because their's only fits with the 4 inch line. This Groot in uniform is also a favorite version for customizers.
3. Ultimate Juggernaut (Ultimate Alliance game version)
- another character that can blow the roof off. With the next X-men movie coming up this will be a great idea. Your previous Juggernaut was the best Juggernaut figure of all. But if you can make an Ultimate version that would possibly even top the masterpiece you have previously created.
4. Ultimate Apocalypse
- just like Juggernaut and upcoming movie, this one would easily knock every Apocalypse Toybiz or hasbro has or will ever make. Being in the Marvel Select size, this character is too perfect. If you will have to choose only 1 between Juggernaut and this, I'd say go with Ultimate Apocalypse. In conclusion, I think Ronan and Groot would be your best choices especially Ronan. Fans need those versions and there is no one left to make those but Diamond Select. The Hasbro Ronan is just bad and it's hard to find. It is up to Diamond Select's creative team and management on what characters to make but as a fan, those are what we genuinely think needs to be done and for sure will sold out pretty fast. Best Regards, Chax

DSTChuck: Chax, thanks for the support and ideas. None of those are planned right now, but are good ideas so I would not be surprised if one or two of them come to pass at some point.


Frank P.

Hey Chuck! With the popularity of Deadpool and his movie coming out, can we look for a Deadpool movie Minimates wave? Really interested in Colossus and a civilian Deadpool based off of the images that have been released. Also is it possible to get a Marvel Now or All New, All Different rerelease of Deadpool, possibly with a uncanny Avengers wave?

DSTChuck: Frank, it looks like we will not be doing product for the Deadpool movie. I suppose there is still time, but looks like no.



There’s long been more than just one Hulk in the Marvel U.  So my question is, when and if a Hulk variation pops up in the MCU what are the chances you would ever pass on the opportunity to make a cinematic Hulk?  My hope is that you would not pass.

DSTChuck: I don’t think that’s how it works. But as everyone knows we love Hulk!


Brian M.

After seeing the reveals at SDCC I was saddened to see the lack of Marvel comic-based boxsets. There were 7 Marvel comic-based boxsets in 2013, 4 in 2014 and now only 2 in 2015. What is the cause of the decreasing amount of Marvel comic-based boxsets? Do they not sell well? Is production of other lines limiting the amount that can be released in a year? Or some other reason? I've always been a big fan of the boxsets since they are a great way to team build and get some lesser known characters.

DSTChuck: Brian, sorry you are disappointed. We did have the Iron Man and Ant Man movie sets at SDCC – they could have just as easily been two comic sets, it just worked out that movie ones made the most sense. I guess the Minimates box sets cost a little more, but it’s not a huge difference. While I do think we’ve made an effort to streamline our output, to make the most we can out of every release, I do not recall us settling a goal of two sets. It just kind of worked out that we did less.


Got a question for DSTChuck? Submit it via e-mail!

On Sale This Week: Bluntman, Black Widow and Bloodshot, Oh My!

On Sale This Week: Black Widow, Bloodshot and Bluntman, Oh My!

This week’s New Toy Day sees Diamond Select Toys delivering a trio of titanic team-ups to your local comic shop! First up, Marvel Select action figures of Black Widow and Thor team up their diorama bases to re-create a scene from Avengers: Age of Ultron! Next, Bloodshot and X-O Manowar take a licking and keep on teaming up in the super-deluxe Valiant Comics Minimates Battle-Damaged 2-Pack! Thirdly, Bluntman and Chronic team up to take on Cock-Knocker in the Series 2 of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back action figures! Plus: Dwight teams up with the ladies of Old Town to take on the mob, while the Deadly Vipers team up to take down their old friend the Bride! They’re all coming to stores this week from Diamond Select Toys! Read on for more info, then team up with your favorite retailer to order!

Marvel Select Ant-Man Movie Action Figure

A Diamond Select Toys release! The smallest Marvel movie hero is now the next big Marvel Select action figure! From the upcoming Marvel Studios film, “Ant-Man,” this 7-inch scale figure captures Paul Rudd as Ant-Man, with detailed paint applications and 16 points of articulation. The figure comes packaged in the now-famous Marvel Select display packaging, with spine artwork for shelf reference, and includes interchangeable hands and a shrunken Ant-Man micro-figure! Figure is in scale to other Marvel Select movie action figures. Sculpted by Gentle Giant! (Item #FEB152167, SRP: $24.99)

Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back Select Action Figures Series 2

A Diamond Select Toys release! It's an all-new assortment of 7-inch action figures from the popular Kevin Smith movie, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back! Comedy duo Jay and Silent Bob dress up like their alter egos, Bluntman and Chronic, and face off against the villainous Cock-Knocker! Each figure comes with an energy-sword weapon and part of the Bluntcave set – collect all three to re-create the famous climactic scene of the movie! Each figure comes packaged in a display-ready Select blister card, with spine artwork for shelf reference.

Bluntman Figure (Item #JAN152166, SRP: $24.99)

Chronic Figure (Item #JAN152167, SRP: $24.99)

Cock-Knocker Figure (Item #JAN152168, SRP: $24.99)

Kill Bill Minimates Deadly Vipers Box Set

A Diamond Select Toys release! Black Mamba. Copperhead. Sidewinder. California Mountain Snake. Along with Cottonmouth, these four killers made up the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad, commanded by the Snake Charmer, Bill. When Beatrix Kiddo was left for dead, she came back to kill every one of her old comrades, and now Beatrix, Vernita Green, Bud and Elle Driver make up the fourth Kill Bill Minimates box set! Each 2-inch Minimates mini-figure stands 2 inches tall with 14 points of articulation, and features interchangeable parts and accessories. Packaged on a full-color blister card. Designed by Art Asylum! (Item #FEB152159, SRP: $19.99)

Marvel Select Avengers Age of Ultron Black Widow Action Figure

A Diamond Select Toys release! Finally, the figure fans have been waiting for has arrived! After three blockbuster film appearances, Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow joins the Marvel Select Avengers line-up, just in time for Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron! This 7-inch scale figure features her look from the new movie, has 16 points of articulation, and includes a diorama base that connects to Age of Ultron Thor's to create a scene from the film. She comes packaged in the now-famous Marvel Select display packaging, with spine artwork for shelf reference. Sculpted by Gentle Giant! (Item #FEB152166, SRP: $24.99) 

Marvel Select Avengers Age of Ultron Thor Action Figure

A Diamond Select Toys release! It's time to put the hammer down! Thor, prince of Asgard, returns to Earth in Avengers: Age of Ultron, and DST is revisiting their sold-out action figure from Thor: The Dark World with an all-new paint scheme and an all-new base! Standing almost 8 inches tall, this Thor figure sports 16 points of articulation and a spot-on likeness of Chris Hemsworth from the film, and comes packaged in Select-style display packaging, with spine artwork for shelf reference. Sculpted by Gentle Giant! (Item #JAN152175, SRP: $24.99) 

Sin City Minimates Series 3 Big Fat Kill Box Set

A Diamond Select Toys release! Sometimes, sticking up for your friends means having to kill a whole lotta people. At least, in Sin City it does! The third storyline from the groundbreaking 2005 movie is now a four-pack of Minimates mini-figures, including Dwight, Gail, Miho and Jackie-Boy! Each 2-inch Minimates mini-figure features 14 points of articulation and interchangeable parts and accessories. Comes packaged on a full-color blister card. Designed by Art Asylum! (Item #JAN152170, SRP: $19.99)

Valiant Minimates Battle Damaged X-O Manowar and Bloodshot 2-Pack

A Diamond Select Toys Release! Prepare to enter the world of Valiant Entertainment! The Valiant Universe has been reborn, and heroes X-O Manowar and Bloodshot are back in new monthly comic-book adventures! Kick off your collection of Valiant heroes with this two-pack of X-O Manowar and Bloodshot fresh from a skirmish, maybe even against each other! Each two-inch Minimates mini-figure features 14 points of articulation as well as interchangeable parts and acccessories. Packaged in a full-color blister card. Designed by Art Asylum! (Item #FEB152162, SRP: $9.99)

In Stores Next Week: Mr. Freeze!

Find your nearest comic shop using the Comic Shop Locator, or order through!;;;;;


Ask DST #286: Muppets, Mad Max, the Matrix and More!

Ask DST #286: Muppets, Mad Max, the Matrix and More!

 Ask DST is back with a new installment, and Diamond Select Toys President DSTChuck is answering your questions (as best he can) on a variety of Miscellaneous subjects, from our new B9 robot from Lost in Space to our upcoming Muppets action figure line, and all things in between (many of them merely hypothetical). Read on for the answers to some questions, maybe one of them is yours! To submit your own question, e-mail us!

Dave C.

You guys did such an awesome job with your Knight Rider K.I.T.T. cars I was wondering if there's any chance you could do a Mad Max V8 Interceptor?  Would love a great scaled vehicle of this with Max figure and his dog.

DSTChuck: That’s a car we’ve considered , but nothing brewing yet.


Sam F.

With the new licensing restrictions by Marvel, will we continue to see X-Men/Wolverine and FF merchandise?

DSTChuck: Sam, I don’t think I can comment on the extra terms of our Marvel contract. I will say it’s changed many times over the years, but through it all we’ve always had plenty of characters to pick from and still do.


Jerry D.

Congratulations on your new B-9 11" Robot -- he is spectacular!  How about doing a similar Robbie the Robot from Forbidden Planet with blinking lights and multiple spoken phrases?  Please!

DSTChuck: I think we’ll see how the sales and fan response on the B9 are, but Robbie would make sense as a follow up.


Tiago F.

Hi how are you? Now that everyone is crazy about mad max and no one is taking the license havent you thinking of taking it and release some figures. Maybe 3 series with 3 figures of the 3 movies each, and instead of bases the boxes of the figures had a picture of the movie in the back that could do a backdrop for the figure. You know Max from the first movie with the picture of the V8, ToeCutter with the picture of his bike and his minions, BlasterMaster with the pigs, Max from the second movie with a road and the sunset to recreate the movie poster. I can dream can’t I? :) Have a nice day and continue with the amazing work.

DSTChuck: When we asked about the classic and new movie, we were told they were not interesting in granting an action figure license.


Daniel L.

Hi, I am really looking forward to some of the new 7 inch select figures that will be coming out like Ghostbusters, Gotham, Black Widow, etc...

Just wondering any news on Kill Bill and Pulp Fiction?  Also, what are the chances of making the following licenses into the Select lines?

1) Matrix

2) Underworld

3) 24

4) Pirates of the Carribean

5) Die Hard


DSTChuck: We are working through approvals at every level on the Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill lines. The product is looking real cool, so hopefully everyone is as excited as we are when they see it.  None of those are in the plans, but we have looked at a couple of them at one point, so never say never.

Michael W.

Will the first wave of Muppet figures include any characters not set to be included in the first wave of Muppet Mini Mates? Also, does the contract only include characters and things from The Muppet Show, or can the line also include things from other Disney-owned Muppet productions (like Muppets Tonight, the movies, the upcoming Muppets TV series, and - probably unlikely - the MuppeTelevison portions of The Jim Henson Hour)?

DSTChuck: The line plan for the Minimates is not the same as the action figures, but of course there will be some crossover, and keep in mind that Minimates, due to the forma,t can go much deeper into a line. As to the second question, sorry, but company policy is we never give out details like that for our contracts.

Got your own question for DSTChuck? Go ahead and e-mail us!

Gen Con is Haunted by a Ghost Goblin Minimate from Pathfinder!

Gen Con is Haunted by a Ghost Goblin Minimate from Pathfinder!

Last year, Gen Con saw the launch of the Pathfinder Minimates line, with a series of Paizo-exclusive two-packs and a veritable horde of exclusive Goblins. This year, the spectre of Pathfinder Minimates has risen again, with an all-new Goblin Minimate available for the first time at this year’s Gen Con in Indianapolis!

This year’s exclusive Pathfinder Minimate is the “Ghost Goblin,” a glow-in-the-dark goblin that will be available for sale for $5 at Scotty’s Brewhouse, Paizo’s official restaurant partner at Gen Con. It will be available from July 29 to August 2, and following the show any remaining stock will be made available on

Check out for exclusive Pathfinder Minimates 2-packs, as well as some of last year’s promotional Goblins!

Ask DST #285: Star Trek Revelations!

Ask DST #285: Star Trek: Revelations!

The Ask DST madness is upon us! With our hormones raging in the lead-up to Star Trek’s 50th anniversary, it’s time to once again take up the lirpa and the ahn-woon and prepare to face off with the president of Diamond Select Toys, DSTChuck, in the latest round of Ask DST! Got your own question for Chuck? E-mail us!


Arjan K.

Is there any chance you will produce a TNG tricorder, particularly the mark VII? I think it would be pretty popular since there isn't much out there for TNG fans. Only super expensive replica's that are out of reach for most people’s budgets.

DSTChuck: Arjan, right now we have no plans to produce a TNG Tricorder, but never say never.


Stephen H.

Dear Sir, Why not build Enterprise C? Thank You.

DSTChuck: I don’t know why not, is that a question?


Justin B.

I love the work you've done on the Trek Tech, and Starships, they're all amazing. I have a couple questions:

1.  Have you ever considered doing the shuttles from TNG, DS9, Voyager, TOS, and Enterprise as electronic ships, or Minimate vehicles?

2. Have you ever considered creating sold separately stands for your starships that are made out of medal, possibly with a light up feature, using an AC adaptor?

3.  With the TNG Trek Tech are we going to get a series of communicators, such as the ones warn on TNG, DS9, and Voyager, and maybe a few of the alternate reality versions?  Example of alternate reality might be the communicator seen in TNG's All Good Things.

4.  Is there any possibility of getting bridge models for the MiniMates?  Examples include: USS Enterprise-1, B, D, and E, maybe a Voyager or Defiant bridge, possibly with lights and sounds.

Thanks for being awesome. Justin T.

DSTChuck: Thanks for the support, Justin.

  1. At one point we designed and checked with retailers about a Minimate shuttle, but they did not find enough support.  We’ll have to see if there is interest from retailers in the future.
  2. That is not something we have considered.
  3. Unfortunately, clothing-worn communicators are not possible at this time. Right now, we are focusing on the TNG Phaser, and we have not decided what will come next.
  4. Sorry, we have no plans for something like that right now.


Edward C.

Question: Is there any chance, any chance what so ever that other star ships would be released?


Nova Class (Voyager)

Andorian Ships (Enterprise)

Akira class (Star Trek First Contact/ DS9) Steamrunner class (Star Trek First Contact) *Personal Favorite*

Thank you very much for your time and I can't wait to see what you guys come up with next! - Ed

DSTChuck: We like to say “never say never,” but I don’t think these are at the top of our list, sorry.


Dan L.

Hi, your Star Trek and Marvel Select products are excellent! Can you tell us which characters will be the next Star Trek Select figures?  Also, is there any chance that you will re-release any of the Star Trek Retro Cloth figures?  Thanks for your time and keep up the great work! - Dan

DSTChuck: Dan, we are working on the next sculpt for the Select line right now. Shortly after that we will be working on the designs for the one after that. As for retro cloth – if you were at SDCC or saw coverage, you now know we are going back in production.


Andrew M.

Any hints as to when we'll find out which ship is after the Romulan Bird of Prey?

DSTChuck: We’re doing all we can to get the files done and prototyped to show it. We’re hoping for NYCC but it’s been slow going.


Justin H.

Hello, I'm A Huge Fan of Your Star Trek Ships and Roll-Play Toys and I like the New Version Of The Enterprise-A. Wonderful Job! And Since I Own All Of My Enterprise Ships That I Collected In 2008, Are You Planning To Release Of The Battle Damage Enterprise-A From The Undiscovered Country? Also, are You Also Planning a Re-Release of the Standard Version of the Classic USS Enterprise that came out back in 2007? Since I Missed Out On It. Just in Time for the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek It would be awesome!

DSTChuck: Justin, we look at re-issues as well as variants we can do on an ongoing basis.


Daniel L.

Hi there, I love DST especially your articulated 7 inch line of action figures and proudly display all my Star Trek captains, however my set is incomplete without Captain Janeway in that form. Any plans to release her in the future? Many thanks.

DSTChuck: Hopefully the Select line keeps going strong, and we can get to lots of characters.


Nathan M.

I know that with all of Diamond Select and Art Asylum's starships there are usually different variants of a ship. So I'm wondering if there is any chance of maybe seeing a battle damaged variant of the Enterprise-A from The Undiscovered Country? I would really love to see a variant of that ship.

DSTChuck: What we do for the most part is plan several variants, and each time we need more inventory of the main item, we check to see if one of the variants make sense.


Jason G.

Would you guys, in the time frame of a million years, ever reissue role-play toys from Star Trek: Enterprise? The original ones are so very hard to get.

DSTChuck: Never say never.


Jim T.

Will you ever release the USS Voyager ship? The only good version of it was made by Bandai and sells for over 400 dollars. If you ever did I seriously would buy 2. I know I am not alone.

 DSTChuck: It would certainly be a ship we would consider for the future. I have you down for two, so we just need to line up 20K more friends, or 10K like you that are willing to buy two.


Alex G.

Hi DST! Firstly I wanna pass on my thanks for the awesome Star Trek collectables being produced :) I’m the proud owner of a good chunk of the larger ships and recently added the Enterprise D and Future Enterprise D to my collection.

1 - On larger ships - if you were to take something like the Enterprise easy would it be to produce from the work already done something like a Nebula class lights and sounds model with or without saucer separation ? ( - For example - I see a lot of comparisons and similar parts that can be used from the Ent D sculpt to keep costs down and for something like the Nebula class which is a step into the other federation fleet ships. Well am sure these would be snapped up very quickly, plus it opens up variant models with different registries and mission modules on top hull.

2 - Back to the Enterprise D sculpt....have you considered doing a small run of name variants on this kit.....USS Odyssey, USS Yamato, USS Galaxy....perhaps even with the extra phaser arrays as magnetized options onto of the warp nacelles? If you weren’t able to release this as multiple kits could you release a blank named Enterprise D packaged with transfers?

3 - Scale on Star Ship Legends - I've done a bit of research and i believe the Enterprise D is 1/1500 in scale. As a collector i can’t tell you how important scale is when comparing models ;) Has DST ever considered doing ships or a ship pack of smaller models in scale with the ENT D that perhaps aren’t lights and sounds but pre painted models from all parts of the series? I’m envisioning a small pack of say 3 ships in a box in scale with the ENT D, A USS Voyager, USS Defiant and NX-01 perhaps?

4 – Thank you once again for an awesome line of ships :) - are you able to speculate on ships you'd like to do please? Personally I’m keen to see iconic ships but also a lot more of the other ships. A lights and sounds Akira Class for example would blow people’s minds! Thanks again guys and keep up the amazing work! Alex

DSTChuck: Alex so glad to have your support.

  1. I don’t think we’ve done a breakdown of converting the D to another ship. However with rising costs, even reproducing something as large as the D has been difficult to produce at an affordable price.
  2. We have no plans to produce a version that would be blank, but have multiple transfers. Honestly, we’re worried about doing any variants for the D, now that the price is getting so high.
  3. We try to do relative size, but doing something like actual scale would not really be possible -- as you say, something like the Defiant or the Borg cube would not be possible. A pack with several very small ships would be neat, but we have nothing like that planned.
  4. We’ve had lots of request for ships, but I think if you boil it down to top 7, I think you get the same list we’d be looking at for the most part – in no particular order, Defiant, Voyager, Borg Cube, Enterprise C, Reliant, Romulan TNG or Klingon TOS.



Hi, would you guys please re-release the Phase Pistol and Communicator from Star Trek: Enterprise?

DSTChuck: No plans right now, but never say never.


Jeff W.

I heard about the Comic Con USS Defiant NCC-1764. Any chance we will see a Regular version of the Defiant also will we see any other Constitution class ship names Like the USS Excalibur from The Ultimate Computer or The USS Constellation from The Doomsday Machine?

DSTChuck: Jeff, I don’t think we’ve considered expanding it, but you never know, the variant at SDCC did very well.


David E.


1) Any news on whether or not you'll be doing any toys (ships, figures, role play) for the next Star Trek movie and/or Star Trek 2009 and Into Darkness?

2) Is the next federation ship from the 24th or 23rd century?

3) Will there be any TNG/DS9/VOY Select figures coming out beyond Picard and Worf?  Thanks!


1)       We are still unable to produce products from the new, modern movies.

2)       No comment. We’re still not done with the prototyping, so we don’t want to get anyone upset if anything happens to change plans.

3)       The way we work the Select line is one figure is shipping, one is being sculpted and one is being designed, at a time so as this process goes along I am sure those series have not been eliminated.


Dana R.

Is there a starship Reliant in the works?

DSTChuck: No comment. Not being coy, it’s just the next ship has lots of work to do on it so we’re not ready to say. In fact, at one point the Romulan Bird of Prey was NOT the next ship, but it just worked out that way.


Diego J.

Dear DST Team, will you ever make an action figure of Star Trek TOS Dr McCoy and Mr. Scott like you did with the ones of Mr. Spock and Captain Kirk with Kahn? It would be great to see Mr. Scott with a part of engineering as well as Dr McCoy with nurse Chapel. With kind regards

DSTChuck: For sure, they are being considered for the Select line.


Rob B.

Hi, I just wanted to say - love your star trek figures but I agree with what has been said in previous Q&As - I think it would be great to see the chapel and rand figures released - both are fan favorites, majel barret was the first lady of star trek and grace lee whitney, who has recently passed away, was also there from the start - perfect to celebrate the 50th anniversary! We have been kept waiting years for a retro rand and chapel figure - something you once commented there was a lot of interest in and the pair in their movie uniforms would mean for the first time ever we would have the full crew in their movie uniforms - these 3 lots of figures would complete our sets! I do hope this is given serious consideration - we've been waiting a long time for this now. Thanks.

DSTChuck: For sure, it would be great to get them out to fans. While I do consider the TOS line as was released to be pretty complete, those final figures would have put a nice bow on the line. Never say never.

Got your own question for DSTChuck? E-mail us!

Diamond Select Toys Re-Launches Marvel Comics Statue Line

Diamond Select Toys Re-Launches Marvel Comics Statue Line

After a seven-year break, Diamond Select Toys is proud to announce that they are re-launching their Marvel Comics resin statue line. The Marvel Premier Collection, a line of high-end statues that completed its original run in 2008, will return in early 2016, and will spotlight the many stars of the Marvel Universe through regular releases. Additionally, DST’s Femme Fatales line of PVC statues will introduce an all-new series, focusing on Marvel’s many powerful female characters, with a male-focused PVC statue line to follow.

Both the Marvel Premier Collection and the Marvel Femme Fatales lines will operate under the auspices of DST’s new Art Director, Clayburn Moore. The original sculptor of the Marvel Premier Collection when it began in 2004, Moore himself will handle lead sculpting duties on the revived line, and will oversee development on the Femme Fatales series, working with some of the top sculptors in the industry.

The first Premier Collection piece will feature Wolverine, stalking through a snowy landscape in his classic brown costume; he will be followed by a statue of the classic Thor, and then Gamora, of the Guardians of the Galaxy. The Femme Fatales line will start off with modern heroines such as Captain Marvel, Spider-Gwen and the new Thor, all in a 9-inch scale. They will eventually be joined by a companion line of male Marvel characters, including the Hulk and Spider-Man.

“It feels good to be getting back to Marvel statues again,” said Diamond Select Toys President Chuck Terceira. “They were a big part of our line-up for several years, and while we’ve revisited that world occasionally with our Spider-Man movie product, I’m excited for us to be diving back into the more expansive comic universe. With so many different areas of the MU being explored in new and exciting ways on the print side, I see a lot of opportunities to do the same thing in 3D!”

The Marvel statue lines join Diamond Select Toys’ already-extensive Marvel program, including Marvel Select action figures, Marvel Minimates mini-figures, and a kitchenware line focusing on metal bottle openers, silicone trays and gelatin molds. DST products span the breadth of Marvel’s creative output, from comics to TV animation to feature films, including the “Secret Wars” crossover event, Disney XD’s Avengers Assemble, the feature film Ant-Man, as well as next year’s Captain America: Civil War.

Premier Collection Wolverine is available for pre-order now. Find your nearest comic shop at!

Ant-Man Movie Minimates Infest San Diego Comic-Con!

Ant-Man Movie Minimates Infest San Diego Comic-Con!

The new Ant-Man movie hits theaters on July 17, and fans are itching to see it on opening night! But before it opens, DST is unleashing a swarm of Ant-Man Minimates on Comic-Con International in San Diego! This new box set features four 2-inch mini-figures, and while they may be a little bigger than ant-sized, they’re even bigger on bonus parts and accessories!

The Ant-Man Movie Minimates Exclusive four-pack features new “shrinking” versions of Ant-Man and Yellowjacket, with translucent limbs and a shrink-effect printed on their chests, plus their own half-inch micro-‘Mates! They also include removable helmets, revealing Darren Cross and a young Hank Pym (with interchangeable hair piece), as well as alternate non-shrinking torsos, two pieces of rubble, and bases printed to resemble a penny and a bottle cap.

Also in the set is Ant-Thony, a 2-inch-long, Minimates-style winged ant with fully articulated legs and a flight support base, so Ant-Man can sit on his back and ride him into battle! And finally, the fourth figure is a civilian figure of Scott Lang, with an interchangeable hat and hair, a removable jacket with interchangeable T-shirt limbs, and a removable backpack. Swap Scott’s head with Hank Pym’s to pass on the mantle of Ant-Man!

Look for the set at the Diamond Select Toys booth, #2607, with a price of $20.00, as well as at other retailer booths on the show floor. And go see Ant-Man in theaters July 17!

Diamond Select Toys Announces Panels, Party and Promos For Comic-Con International 2015

Diamond Select Toys Announces Panels, Party and Promos For Comic-Con International 2015

It’s that time of year again, the time when San Diego explodes into a ball of white-hot fire, and Diamond Select Toys is planning to be at the center of that fire! Once again, DST will set up shop at Comic-Con International, at the San Diego Convention Center, from July 8th through the 12th. They’ll be showing off new products and selling exclusive toys at booth #2607, as well as hosting panels, throwing parties and giving away cool swag! Read on for the details!

On Preview Night, July 8, be sure to stop by Booth #2607 first, to check out Diamond Select’s new setup, with larger display cases and a more navigable floor space. Exclusive toy products will be on sale (see a complete list here), as well as plenty of our regular releases, and many upcoming items will be on display! And if you’re looking for an in-stock, non-exclusive item that we don’t have in our booth, you’ll be able to order it from our website, right there on the show floor, and get free shipping!

On Thursday, July 9, Diamond Select Toys will kick off Comic-Con with a party at the DST Lounge, hosted by Taste and Thirst on Fourth, at 715 4th Avenue. Starting at 10:00 PM, the venue will be open to the public, and visitors can enjoy drinks and wings while surrounded by images from the world of Kevin Smith’s View Askewniverse, including a life-size backdrop of the Quick Stop from Clerks! If you can’t make it that night, come back for food, drink and photo ops all weekend!

Continuing the View Askew theme, each morning at 9:30, from Thursday July 9 through Sunday July 12, DST will give away a limited number of Mallrats promotional Minimates at booth #2607 – our first Mallrats product! Simply ask a DST team member, and they will let you know where in the booth they are being given out. But come by early, because they go fast!

Additionally, free full-size posters will be available on DST’s front table throughout the weekend, featuring artwork of Jay and Silent Bob, Back to the Future II and Aliens by our talented Minimates designers! A different design will be put out each day, so keep checking back to get them all. The information table will also be where you can pick up information cards about our online store and our two panel presentations.

Speaking of panels, here’s where you can get more info about what’s on the horizon, and ask your most burningest questions:

Minimates Mini-Figures: From Ant-Man to Zombies, Saturday, July 11, 1:30p.m. - 2:30p.m., Room 8

Chuck Terceira (President, Diamond Select Toys), Jason Wires (Prototype Painter) and Brian Felgar (Prototype Painter and Customizer) discuss what's coming up for the toy line, including new series based on Marvel Comics, movies and animation, plus The Walking Dead, Gotham, Jay and Silent Bob, Back to the Future, Muppets and more! Zach Oat (Marketing Supervisor, DST) will moderate a Q&A, reveal new artwork, and award prizes for the best questions!

Diamond Select Toys Round-Up, Sunday, July 12, 3:00p.m. - 4:00p.m., Room 24ABC

Chuck Terceira (President, Diamond Select Toys), Adam Van Wickler (Gentle Giant Studios) and Jason Wires (Prototype Painter) discuss DST’s diverse product lines, from 7-inch Select action figures to electronic vehicles to role-play items to vinyl banks. Topics include Marvel Comics, The Walking Dead, PVZ, Jay and Silent Bob, Muppets, Ghostbusters, Gotham, DC Animated and more! Zach Oat (Marketing Supervisor, DST) will moderate a Q&A, reveal new products and award prizes for the best questions!

Have a question but can’t make it to the panels? Ask a DST staffer at the booth!

See you on the show floor!

On Sale This Week: Deadpool, Cthulhu and the Jupiter 2!

On Sale This Week: Deadpool, Cthulhu and the Jupiter 2!

It's a new week, and a new shipment of goodies is on its way to comic shops everywhere from Diamond Select Toys! This week, New Toy Day brings the Cthulhu Idol Vinyl Bank, the Deadpool Gelatin Mold, and the Lost in Space Jupiter 2 Metal Bottle Opener! Read on for images and details, then reserve yours at your local comic shop, your favorite online retailer, or in our store!


Cthulhu Idol Vinyl Figural Bank

Save some money for the mother of all rainy days with this vinyl bank of literary and cinematic deity Cthulhu! Originating in the fiction of H.P. Lovecraft, the octopus-faced enslaver of worlds is now an 8-inch vinyl bank. Display him on your desk or shelf to signify your devotion to the Elder Gods! WARNING: Idol possesses no supernatural properties. Comes packaged in a clear polybag. Sculpted by Eli Livingston! (Item #JAN152172, SRP $22.99) LostinSpaceOpener

Lost in Space Jupiter 2 Spaceship Metal Bottle Opener

A Diamond Select Toys release! Travel to the farthest reaches of your refrigerator with this 3-inch metal bottle opener of the famous Jupiter 2 spaceship from Lost in Space! You won't need a helper robot to open your bottles anymore, and magnets on the underside will allow it to hover in place on your refrigerator door, or on the dashboard of your lunar rover. Packaged in a full-color slipcase. (Item #FEB152164, SRP: $18.00) DeadpoolGelatin

Marvel Deadpool Plastic Gelatin Mold

Nothing burps better than Deadpool! Put the Merc with a Mouth inside your stomach using this plastic gelatin mold of Deadpool's head! Cast up an approximately 8-inch by 6-inch chilled gelatin dessert in the likeness of X-Force member and hired killer Wade Wilson, complete with squinty eyes and partially exposed brain. But you might want to eat it fast – the self-regenerating mutant could be back on his feet in no time! Packaged in a full-color window box. (Item #FEB152163, SRP: $14.99)

Find your nearest retailer at!

Comic-Con Preview: Muppets, The Flash, Back to the Future and More!

Comic-Con Preview: Muppets, The Flash, Back to the Future and More!

Comic-Con is fast approaching, and Diamond Select Toys has revealed a ton of new items coming to stores this fall that will be on display there! With their first-ever product from The Muppets, several new products from Back to the Future, plus new items from Marvel Comics’ Secret Wars, Aliens, Batman, Justice League, Nightmare Before Christmas, Tarot and Sponge Bob SquarePants, it’s the best of all worlds! Read on for pictures and details, then pre-order through your local comic shop, your favorite online retailer, or!

Aliens Minimates Deluxe Power Loader & Alien Queen Asst.

A Diamond Select Toys Release! These Minimates are monstrous! For the first time in DST’s line of Minimates based on the Aliens franchise, collectors will get two deluxe-sized sets containing two deluxe-sized Minimates! Ripley’s Power Loader comes with Ripley and a Battle-Damaged Alien Warrior, while the Queen Alien comes with Bishop (who can be impaled on her tail) and an Alien Warrior. Plus, both sets come with Alien eggs, facehuggers and chestbursters! Each set comes packaged in a full-color window box. Designed by Art Asylum! (Item #JUL152206, SRP: $14.99/ea.)

Batman The Animated Series Joker Vinyl Bust Bank

A Diamond Select Toys Release! “Hey, Batman! You stink so bad, I can smell you from here!” The first vinyl bank from DST based on Batman: The Animated Series is none other than the villainous Joker! Depicted in his famous animated look, the Joker features high quality collectible sculpting and paint applications, and also has a coin slot on the back to store his ill-gotten gains! An access door in his base returns the money to its rightful owners, and the bank comes packaged in a clear polybag. Sculpted by Steve Varner Studios. (Item #JUL152191, SRP: $22.99)

Batman The Animated Series Femme Fatales Harley Quinn PVC Statue

A Diamond Select Toys Release! DST continues their line of Femme Fatales statues based on Batman: The Animated Series, and Poison Ivy and Batgirl are now joined by the Clown Princess of Crime, Harley Quinn! This 9” PVC statue captures the Joker’s partner-in-crime standing on top of the Bat-signal after defacing it with a can of spray paint! That oughta impress Mr. J! Statue comes packaged in a full-color window box. Sculpted by Steve Varner Studios. (Item #JUL152194, SRP: $45.00)

Batman Animated Series Poison Ivy Resin Bust

A Diamond Select Toys release! Itching to expand on your bust collection? DST is seeding their Batman: The Animated Series line with a brand-new bust of Poison Ivy, the Batman villainess with a soft spot for plants! Dr. Pamela Isley is the third bust in the series, allowing her to team up with Harley Quinn against Batman himself! Capturing Bruce Timm’s timeless design in three dimensions, this approximately 6” tall bust of the bellicose botanist sits atop a decorative base inspired by the show and comes packaged in a full-color box with a certificate of authenticity. Limited to 3,000 pieces! (Item #JUL152193, SRP: $59.99)

Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile Vinyl Bank

A Diamond Select Toys release! Everyone knows that the Batmobile has a lot under the hood, but now it’s got something else under there: your change! This vinyl version of the Batmobile from the Batman Classic TV Series measures 9 inches long, and has a coin slot between the seats and an access door in the base, meaning this high-quality vinyl replica is also a bank, for storing your non-giant pennies and scarred silver dollars. Park it in your home Batcave! Packaged in a clear polybag. (Item #JUL152195, SRP: $22.99)

Justice League Flash Logo Metal Bottle Opener

A Diamond Select Toys release! When you need a bottle opener, there’s no time to dilly-dally. Show your friends how fast you are at fulfilling your hosting duties with this metal bottle opener in the shape of the Flash’s logo from Justice League! Cast in solid metal and measuring approximately 4 inches long, this opener also has magnets on the back, so you can stick it to your refrigerator or global threat monitoring station for a more rapid response time. Thirst never waits! Packaged in a full-color slipcase. (Item #JUL152192, SRP: $18.00)

Back to the Future Iced Time Machine Collector Set

A Diamond Select Toys release! Is it hot? No, it’s ice cold! DST revisits their bestselling electronic 1:15 scale Time Machine from Back to the Future in a new, 30th Anniversary edition box set! Having just arrived in our time from 1985, this Version 1 Time Machine features lights and sounds, plus a thin coating of “frost” over its entire surface, to replicate the effects of time travel. Bonus accessories include flaming tire tracks, a license plate you can pose like it’s spinning, and a case of plutonium! (Not actual plutonium.) Set comes packaged in a full-color window box. (Item #JUL152196, SRP: $59.99)

Back to the Future Monopoly Board Game

A Diamond Select Toys release! Want to travel from 2015 to 1985 to 1955 to 1885 in the comfort of your own home? Well, now you can! This fully licensed Back to the Future Monopoly board game provides hors of fun as you collect locations and time-hop through the world of the BTTF trilogy! The game board features all-new properties taken straight from the films, including Café ’80s and Doc’s Mansion, plus you get new “Chance” and Community Chest” cards, and new die-cast metal game pieces of the time machine, Einstein the dog, the cowboy hat, the futuristic sneaker, the hoverboard and the famous Hill Valley clock! Game comes packaged in a full-color box resembling a case of plutonium. (Item #JUL152198, SRP: $39.99)

Back to the Future 30th Ann. 2015 Minimates Box Set

A Diamond Select Toys release! It’s time for Minimates to go back to the future! DST is revisiting their popular Back to the Future Minimates mini-figure line, with new box sets featuring never-before-made characters! First up is a brand new set from 2015, featuring three all-new characters ­­-- Griff Tannen, Marlene McFly and Marty McFly, Jr. -- plus a new figure of two-tie-wearing Marty McFly, Sr.! Each Minimates mini-figure features 14 points of articulation and interchangeable parts and accessories, including Griff’s Pit Bull hoverboard. Packaged in a full-color blister card. Designed by Art Asylum! (Item #JUL152197, SRP: $19.99)

Back to the Future Trilogy Glass Tumblers

A Diamond Select Toys release! Ring in the new year(s) in style with these three Back to the Future Reelware glass tumblers, featuring all-new artwork capturing the most exciting moments of the BTTF trilogy! From the first movie, Doc Brown connects the crucial power cords in 1955! From the second film, the Time Machine cruises the skyways in 2015! And from the third film, the arrival of the Time Train from 1885! Collect all three glasses to complete the trilogy – you’ll feel like you’re drinking in a different century with each one! Package in a full-color window box.

Part I Tumbler (Item #JUL152199, SRP: $9.99)

Part II Tumbler (Item #JUL152200, SRP: $9.99)

Part III Tumbler (Item #JUL152201, SRP: $9.99)

Femme Fatales Raven Hex 15th Anniversary PVC Statue

A Diamond Select Toys release! It’s been 15 years since the debut of the comic book Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose, so DST is reteaming with Broadsword Comics for a new statue of Tarot’s sister, Raven Hex! Featuring an entirely new sculpt, this PVC statue of Raven Hex, sister of Tarot, measures approximately 9 inches in a sultry black dress. With the goblin Mudwart by her side, she stands atop an open-book display base, which combines with her sister Tarot’s base to form the complete tome. Packaged in a full-color window box. Sculpted by Sam Greenwell! (Item #JUL152209, SRP: $45.00)

Marvel Minimates Villain Zombies vs. Age of Ultron Secret Wars Box Set

A Secret Wars tie-in! A Diamond Select Toys release! Every year, DST unleashes a horde of Marvel’s Villain Zombies on the world, in the form of a new four-pack of Marvel Minimates! This year, with worlds colliding over in Secret Wars, even our zombie box set is not immune to the effects! Villain Zombie versions of Pyro, Bullseye and the Vulture have been invaded by an Ultron Drone from the Age of Ultron. No matter who wins, we lose! Each 2-inch Minimates mini-figure features 14 points of articulation as well as interchangeable parts and accessories. Packaged in a full-color window box. Designed by Art Asylum! (Item #JUL152208, SRP: $19.99)

Marvel Retro Thor Action Figure Limited Edition Gift Set

A Diamond Select Toys release! Forsooth, the Odinson approacheth! Capturing Marvel’s God of Thunder in all his 1970s glory, this retro-style action figure set features a cloth-costumed Thor just as he looked when he was released by the Mego Corporation in his first action figure appearance! With his hammer, helmet, and long golden hair, Thor comes packaged inside a vintage-style window box. Thor also comes with two extra heads and outfits to change into his alter ego, Dr. Donald Blake, as well as a more modern take on the hero, complete with an updated hammer. All are packaged in a display-ready gift tray. Limited to 3,000 sets! Designed and Sculpted by EMCE Toys! (Item #JUL152207, SRP: $80.00

Muppets Minimates Series 1 Two-Pack Asst.

A Diamond Select Toys release! It’s time to light the lights! DST is proud to introduce the very talented Muppets to the Minimates line! This first series of two-packs features the Muppet Show’s greatest stars, including Kermit with Miss Piggy, Fozzie with Scooter, Gonzo with the Swedish Chef, and Stunt Show Gonzo with a “Batter-Damaged” Swedish Chef. Each Minimates mini-figure features up to 14 points of articulation, as well as interchangeable parts and accessories. Each two-pack is packaged on a full-color blister card. (Item #JUL152202, SRP: $9.99/ea.)

Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Coffin Doll Limited Edition

A Diamond Select Toys release! The beautiful creation of Dr. Finkelstein, Sally now has her very own coffin to relax in! The star of Tim Burton’s stop-motion masterpiece, The Nightmare Before Christmas, this 16-inch tall doll of Sally is a must for any home that embraces the spirit of Halloween. With a fully articulated body and a real cloth costume, this exacting re-creation of the classic Sally figure features a unique head sculpt and will rest comfortably in her coffin-shaped window box until the times comes for her to rise once again! Limited to 1994 pieces! (Item #JUL152205, SRP: $49.99)

Nightmare Before Christmas Minimates Series 2 Foil Bag Asst.

A Diamond Select Toys release! Who says Christmas can only come once a year? This all-new assortment of Nightmare Before Christmas Minimates features eight new blind-bagged figures, including The Pumpkin King, Santa Claus, Santa Jack, the Easter Bunny, Zero, new versions of Jack and Sally, and a rare, one-per-case glowing Zero! There’s a full set in every case of 18 foil bags, and each Minimates mini-figure features up to 14 points of articulation as well as interchangeable parts. Designed by Art Asylum! (Item #JUL152204, SRP: $5.99/ea.)


SpongeBob SquarePants Minimates Two-Packs Series 2 Asst.

A Diamond Select Toys release! Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy… UNITE! The superheroes of SpongeBob SquarePants’ undersea world have joined the SpongeBob Minimates line, and this assortment couldn’t get any more super! Super-chums Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy make up one 2-pack, with another dedicated to Super Acquaintances SpongeBob (as Quickster) and Patrick (as Elastic Waistband). Mr. Krabs’ daughter Pearl comes with happy fish Harold, plus be on the lookout for a rare, one-per-case 2-pack of Robot Mr. Krabs with an angry Harold! Each Minimates mini-figure features up to 14 points of articulation as well as interchangeable parts and accessories, and each 2-pack comes packaged on a full-color blister card. Designed by Art Asylum! (Item #JUL152203, SRP: $9.99/ea.)

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