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Ask DST Live Chat Round-Up!

The live chat last night was a great time, and DSTChuck and DSTZach did their best to answer your questions. Hopefully those who were able to login were happy with the answers, and those who were not able to log in, we are sorry for the difficulty. We’ll do another chat in a couple of months!


  • Last time I asked, I think you guys said the only [Marvel Select] villain we're getting is a bit of a hero and villain. Is that comment still true or is the last figure for 2016 a legit villain?

DSTChuck: The next to last could be both - Zach would you call the last one a Anti -Hero?

DSTZach: I did not know who it was, but now I would say yes, anti-hero. The next to last is a villain AND a hero, though.

DSTChuck: Hmm sorry thought I told you who SHE was...

DSTZach: I just looked it up. Very exciting! Not a villain, though. But the other guy is a villain.


  • Any plans for a Mockingbird Marvel Minimate? She definitely has a rising star at the moment.

DSTChuck: I have not seen a list with her as a consideration but that does not mean we will not do something if she is big in the editorial.


  • The supernatural corner of the marvel universe has little representation in the Minimates world. Can we see more releases like the Strange tales boxset to help fill out these wonderful characters?

DSTChuck: We have not planned 2017 MM, we just wrapped 2016 planning. To be honest not sure how much cosmic stuff we would do though.


  • After your experience with select for the last X Men film, did you choose not to try for Apocalypse?

DSTChuck: I have never given up on a challenge but sometimes they don't let you come to the plate again.


  • With Battle Beasts Minimates returning in the Indy Comics line, are there any plans to release more Calico Jack or M.A.X. Minimates? I would still love to see a line of unlicensed Monsters. Skeletons, Sasquatch, ghosts, etc...

DSTChuck: I would LOVE more Calico Jack and Max but the climate does not seem right for it at this time.


  • Can you release what we can expect to see in the second series of Ghostbusters 2016 Minimates? And Can we expect new GB'84 Minimates? maybe missed opportunities like first movie Janine?

DSTZach: Jay Tigran, more characters and ghosts in GB 2016 MM Series 2. And we want to make a 1984 Janine, along with the Ecto-1.

DSTChuck: To be honest the reference for 2016 has been tough to come by. We'll see. Ecto 1 is still happening. Just taking FOREVER. I don't now if more classic movie will be happening.

  • Is there a chance of revisiting the Real Ghostbusters cartoon Minimates, with maybe a boxset of the PeopleBusters?

DSTChuck: I don’t think we have looked at RGB for some time.

  • Can you please elaborate, has something changed with GB84 Minimates? I thought you were moving forward with an ‘84 Ecto-1?

DSTZach: YB, Chuck just confirmed Ecto-1, I think he considers 2-packs and the like a separate concept.

  • What about Extreme Ghostbusters, or IDWs Ghostbusters comic book? Both are ripe with different characters, costumes, and ghosts.

DSTZach: Jay, I think Extreme and IDW GB Minimates are less likely than more 1984 or RGB. But never say never.

DSTChuck: Correct - we are not looking at GB IDW at all..


  • Any chance for a Marvel Select Beast? You guys could make the best version, I know it!

DSTChuck: Right now Beast is not planned but I do know there are request and only the move stuff has even been discussed for 2017.


  • Is there a second series of X Files being worked on with classic looks and characters?

DSTChuck: X-Files classic will depend on how 2016 X-Files does when it gets to stores.


  • Any cosmic Marvel Selects for 2016?

DSTZach: I think one or maybe two, right?

DSTChuck: Zach I think so BUT I don’t think I cosmic that folks mean when they say cosmic. I wish we had it for C2E2.


  • What other ghosts will be included in the 15 figure GB lineup aside from Slimer, Gozer, and Terror dogs? Something like Library ghost and taxi ghost?

DSTZach: Yes, those are the two ghosts we are doing in Series 5.


  • Would there be a possibility to get DC TV licenses like Flash or Arrow or the film universes or are they unavailable like the comic license? Is Gotham a special case?

DSTZach: Guest 43011, there are no plans for CW shows. They are separate from the Gotham license, and currently being worked on by others.


  • Any chance for a second wave of Indy-Mates?

DSTChuck: I think we have some ideas for a second series but we'll have to see how the current series does in TRU and specialty.


  • I have pre-ordered both series of muppets figures. Any hints for what's coming in series 3?

DSTChuck: Hmm Well the sculpts are approved and paint should be soon. So we can show all of them very soon. BTW S2 is in tooling already. Zach if you wan to announce a figure go for it.

DSTZach: Miss Piggy is in Muppets Series 3.


  • Will you guys be able to release a pack of foot stands? Like the ones that came with the TRU GBs.

DSTChuck: I don't think we have any plans for something like that - sorry.


  • There was a list of Pulp Fiction figures posted on a board by someone saying he saw them at TF. It included Jimmy and Captain Koons as well as 2 versions of Vince. Is this true?Mia, The Wolf and Jules in suit and t shirt were also listed.

DSTZach: Conor, all of those Pulp figures are in the works. Series 1 is Jules, Butch and Marsellus, the rest are farther out.

  • Perhaps a Pulp Fiction Build-A-Base, a la Ghostbusters?

DSTZach: Conor, there are a couple of things like that planned, nothing as elaborate as ghostbusters.

DSTChuck: If I did a build a base like GB again - I think folks would lock me out of the office.


  • Do you have a sense yet of whether or not we will see more Mass Effect minimates?

DSTChuck: Sorry no more ME products are planned.


  • Now that the alien queen and power loader have been done, could this deluxe format be used in more lines to release more large characters? Such as King Ghidorah (and possible variants) for the godzilla line?

DSTZach: Guest 43010, Chuck said in today’s Ask DST column that Godzilla Minimates is coming to a close.

  • The ask DST for today said no more Godzilla planned, in this case is it done or can it be picked back up and more planned later?

DSTZach: Arnim, I believe Godzilla MM is done done once Set 3 hits Wednesday. Correct, Chuck?

DSTChuck: Correct no more Godzilla MM plans at this time- The license is too complicated at this point.


  • Any chance for a Chris Evans maskless head on the new Cival War Marvel Select Captain America?

DSTChuck: yes there is a CHANCE depends on a couple thing..RDJ and Evans for two.


  • Are the Selects from Civil War already in production and are there any modifications or additions from what has been shown in Toy fair or is pretty much that? Have you considered any of my suggestions like some sort of fitting for Cap's Shield to be placed in his back, some more accessories form Bucky and an alternate head for Iron Man. ·

DSTChuck: CW Select are in production. Every figure maxes out the budget to every penny. Sometimes more. I don't know how current what we showed at TF was.


  • Hey Chuck, any update on the Minimate Accesorie bags?

DSTChuck: YES I think out plan is for new bags at SDCC. There will be a new stand bag, not random accessories.


  • Hi, I've been hearing the GB Egon and Peter will come with extra connections for the proton stream, is that correct?

DSTChuck: I have to check on the extra streams and connectors, if they did not make it contact CS and Heather will send you some on us.

DSTZach: Egon and Peter should come with extra connectors, yes. They hit April 20.


  • I understand that you can only make a limited number of Marvel Select figures each year. In the past repreints did not count towards that number,, but this year Carnage and Venom Do. How come?

DSTChuck: Re-run, repaints everything count to the Select total.


  • You've probably already expected this, but what's happening with Daredevil Netflix Selects?

DSTChuck: There will be NO Netfix Select figures. We have no plans for NetFlix Select for many reasons.


  • Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is filming now, any chance the Minimates might get a larger selection this time around? It looks like the re will be a considerable amount of new characters.

DSTChuck: I thought we hit GoG hard last time. If we can read a script we'll see how deep we can go. For sure they will be some GoG love next year!



  • Hi Zach, has there been any progress in the graphics for Brodie and Jay's shirts on the select figures? Also, when are they going up for po?

DSTChuck: I have my doubts movie accurate shirts will be allowed- but I can check with legal.Clearing logos and shirts for movies is not the same as merch, but if we can we will. All the figures have been approved by Kevin, and Shannon [Doherty] approved today (Zach does not even know that yet).


  • Are there plans to make a Marvel Select Groot, and if so, Movie version or comic version?

DSTChuck: Both are possible, early plans are underway for 2017 , we have just one more to do for 2106 and designs on that will start soon.


  • Which the next Star Trek Select figure after Khan?

DSTChuck: I have to be honest we have not 100% set the next Trek Select figure but we are leaning in a certain TNG direction.

DSTChuck: Thanks for caring enough about what we do to hang out here. We can do this again around SDCC just let Zach know if you would rather we do it before or after.

DSTZach: We'll do one a month before SDCC, and one right after!


  • how many more figures, more or less, can we expect for 2016? I mean MArvel Selects. I am almost completing the line, despite all difficulties we have to get them in Brazil.

DSTZach: 43023, it's hard to say. If you count variants, maybe a half-dozen.


  • any chance a Star Trek Select figure from the Undiscovered Country?Thanks the answers!!

DSTZach: 43024, next is probably TNG, but anything is possible.


  • Just hoping you guys could complete the entire GOTG line over a short time. Perhaps a Groot. Throw Rocket in there with another standard sized character and make it similar to the old Selects with just like 5 POAs. Ball neck, shoulders and thighs.

DSTZach: SAWilley, If we dipped into GOTG, we would try to do multiple.

DSTChuck: Marvel Select can never be a team building line - wish it could, but we're happy with what we CAN do and don't focus on what we can NOT do.


  • well, my question is: Can you guys give a better hint on the XL marvel select planned for 2016?

DSTZach: Guest43023, we'll show him soon enough, I think.


  • Will MM Ghost Rider ever get his bike? He is tired of riding the bus.......

DSTChuck: A GR bike for Select GB is not practical. We've tried. And Marvel would not like it.

DSTZach: GMonkey, the answer is the same for MM, I think.


  • Anychance for a Marvel Select Rocket Racoon? And if so would he come by himself with accessoris, or be an accessorie to another figure?

DSTChuck: Lots of GoG planned for 2017 so something for Select is very possible.


  • Chuck, regarding scale with Minimates, you said you aren't a fan, does that mean we might finally get a full-size articulated Rocket Raccoon? He seems really out of place with a full-size Howard the Duck.

DSTChuck: I don't know - I would have done a full articulation Rocket to start but I thought the PVC was a cool idea.

  • In doing an Ecto-1 for the Minimates, are you also considering an Ecto-1A from Ghostbusters 2 for the Minimates?

DSTChuck: I honestly off the top of my head do not recall BUT for sure we would not look at that until classic vehicles were done.


  • I know it's early, bu have orders for the Muppet Select line been succesful? I really want that line to do well, and for you to be able to go deep in the character selection.

DSTZach: Christian, we have four Muppets waves sculpted, and I think response has been positive so far, so we plan to keep moving forward.


  • Ever looked into waves of Select figures based on Romero's Dead films? I'd love to see you guys take a crack at more horror!

DSTChuck: I don't think we have every looked at that type of horror movie. Nothing wrong with it and I think some might do really well but not at this time were not looking there.


  • Hellboy in indymates?

DSTChuck: We've done some HB in the past and yes I'd like to do more but I have not talked to Mike in years...I think I've just been focused in other directions.


  • On the Star Trek subject, any chance for figures in a near future with diorama base pieces for building a ship bridge set or something like that or just the current specific bases from given episodes or movies?

DSTChuck: Vilas, Star Trek is a one-figure at a time line right now, and Khan will come with the Reliant command chair, but we are not currently building anything.


  • I can’t remember if this was answered but will Pulp Fiction Select S1 be going up for PO soon?

DSTZach: Conor, you should see PO on Pulp S1 this year.


  • Any potential plans for Select and MM Star Wars lines?

DSTZach: Shelfdiver, that is highly unlikely.


  • Do you have any infromation about Disney store Marvel select figures that will be released later this year? Perhaps the number of new figures if not names?

DSTZach: Christian, we cannot say anything about them, sorry.


  • Chuck, have you given any more thought to that new run of Minimates Collectors Cases?

DSTChuck: Same as before Zach wants to do one and I have not had the time to focus on it.


  • Any exclusive Minimates at SDCC?

DSTZach: Gmonkey, there will be MInimates at SDCC, we will announce closer to the show.


  • Wait,one more question. Any surprise video game licenses at SDCC? For Select?

DSTZach: Blanka, I do not believe we have any video game licenses beyond the new Garden Warfare 2 figures, and those will be at SDCC, most likely.


  • Black Cat Through the Ages box set? Are those still a thing?

DSTZach: Guest 43020, no TTA sets planned at this time.


  • I know you have released various Stay Puft Banks, which are awesome, but what about a giant Stay Puft Minimate? Similar in idea to the old Minimate Max line.

DSTZach: Chuck, no plans for a big Stay-Puft Minimate? That would pretty much be our bank, right?

DSTChuck: Yea I think our bank really covers it and honestly I am NOT a fan of scale in MM.


  • A Grail of mine has always been figures of the three heroes from Jaws. The bases could make up the Orca deck! Any interest?

DSTChuck: I think there has already been a cool Jaws "figure" so no plans in the near future.


  • And the new Star Trek figures will have more articulation? Just following that other questions just answered.

DSTZach: Vilas, the Star Trek Select line is focused on interchangeable parts for dynamic poses, not a high level of articulation. We have made many fully articulated Trek figures, this is something different.


  • Any SDCC Exclusive Selects?

DSTZach: SAWilley, there will be an exclusive action figure at SDCC, but not Marvel.


  • Are there plans for MS comic Iron Fist and Luke Cage?

DSTZach: Shelfdiver, those two are not currently on the schedule, but 2017 is not fully planned yet.


  • When will the solicit for the Cthulhu figure go out so I can pre-order it How tall is it by the way?

DSTZach: Cthulhu action figure is in very early stages, Christian. Size and details are not final.


  • Will there be a 4th wave of Gotham @SDCC?

DSTZach: Conor, Gotham Series 4 is in the planning stages, but I do not know if it will be ready by SDCC. Chuck?

DSTChuck: I doubt it wlll be ready but SDCC but Robert has surprised me before.

DSTZach: I think he meant Selects.

DSTChuck: OH Gotham 4 - I REALLY doubt it . Three all new figures from scratch that we have not even started...


  • Any plans for Doctor Strange? I know its a ways off..

DSTZach: Yes!


  • Are Cthulhu Mates a possibility to go with that sweet bank?

DSTChuck: We are considering several more Cthulhu products.


  • Any chance for 7" Back to the future figures? It seems like such a hot franchise and I'm surprised full blown action figures were never made by anyone

DSTZach: We are not currently pursuing it, but our Minimates line keeps getting bigger and more comprehensive.


  • Can we know the lineup of Alice in the Wonderland Select?

DSTZach: Blanka, we are not announcing that lineup tonight. Still in approvals.


  • The rights to Chasing Amy and Dogma are with Miramax. Are you planning on continuing the line and getting those rights?

DSTChuck: I don't think we're looking at the Miramax KS movies at this time, but we have talked to him about his new movies.


  • Will you release someone of the Enterprise crew in their red-black uniforms from Star Trek TOS movies as a Select figure?

DSTZach: The next figure is looking to be TNG, but anything is possible down the road.


  • I have a general question if I may still ask anything. Do you at DST plan on acquiring new licenses or are set with what you have?Because you have ceased some products and I don’t know if you plan to expand to other areas like video games and things like that

DSTZach: Vilas, we are constantly signing new licenses. There are licenses we have we have not announced, although not necessarily for action figures.


  • Can you share any pics of in progress Tarantino figures?

DSTZach: Conor, we've shown prototypes at past shows, but no pics here tonight. We showed protos at NYTF 2013 and C2E2 that year. The pics are out there, although they are not final.


  • How many drum pieces will be included with the Muppets Animal? Not much of the drumset was shown at Toyfair. Will there be more pieces than that? It replaces a figure after all. A full set perhaps: kick, two toms, hi-hat, 2 cymbols, snare, and bass drum?

DSTZach: Christian, we showed the full Animal drum kit at NYTF and C2E2. I think it had all you listed. It will be smaller at TRU.


  • Have you ever looked into Select figures for Die Hard? Willis has approved two figures for you by now from two separate films.

DSTChuck: We have not look at Die Hard and I do not think we have plans to look there soon.


  • Would Spawn be possible in the Indymates line or the creator just not interested?

DSTChuck: I think we ASSUME no Spawn BUT to be honest I have not talked to Todd in a few years. I suppose when the time comes I can ask him I'd kind of like to do one.


  • Any more iZombie products planned besides the minimate set and 2 Liv figures?

DSTZach: Chuck, can I announce more iZombie products?                                   

DSTChuck: I think we WANT to do more IZombie but none are approved are they?

DSTZach: Not yet, still concepting, but we're hoping to do more, right?

DSTChuck: YES we are for SURE!


  • Will we get more Pathfinder mates at some point? The various monsters are easily some over my absolute favorite mates!

DSTZach: Arnim, DSTChuck wrote in today's Ask DST that Pathfinder is done.


  • If, IF, CBH's does good, would G-Man (Image) be in the running for a two-pack? Its probably my favorite comic characters (Yes even more than Deadpool)

DSTZach: GMonkey, not sure if G-Man is high on our list for CBH MM S2, but anythign is possible.


  • Any chance you might be considering other Tarantino fair? Reservoir Dogs? Inglorious Basterds? Django Unchained?

DSTChuck: We have six series of QT figures in the works, so we’re not looking at any more.


  • when will be the next marvel select reveal?

DSTZach: 43016, we just teased a few figures hard, but we won;t reveal anythign for a littel while at this point. Maybe before SDCC.


  • For the Comic Book Heroes, does that have a separate TRU wave or is it the same as specialty?

DSTChuck: Comic and TRU are the same for comic book heroes 2


  • Will any of the upcoming GBs come with removable proton packs?

DSTZach: Currently, the packs are all permanently affixed.


  • I see Jim Lee X Men heavily requested. You are aware you're sitting on a potential goldmine right? I'm talking full sets pre-selling out!

DSTChuck: Again, 2017 is not planned yet for MS.


  • Have you figured out how you will package the Statlor and Waldorf Muppet balcony? I know at toyfair it was said that you were still trying to figure it out.

DSTChuck: YES Statler & Waldorf will have the balcony.


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