Back to the Future III Rail Ready Time Machine 1:15 Electronic Vehicle

The time machine from the Back to the Future movies has undergone many changes, and now it's ready to ride the rails!
What started as a sports car combined with spare parts and some plutonium, became totally high-tech by the second movie, with a "Mr. Fusion" power source and hover/flight capabilities! But an unplanned trip to 1885 stranded our travelers in the past, unable to run the time machine due to a lack of gasoline. After several failed attempts to get the time machine moving fast enough to reach 88 MPH, activate the flux capacitor, and make the return trip to 1985, the time machine was refitted for travel on the existing railways of the Old West! This 1:15 vehicle has the train wheels seen in the third BTTF movie, and features authentic movie sound effects at the touch of a button, along with light-up features!
NOTE: Car is 1:15 scale, approximately 14" long, and wheels do not fit existing gauges of train track.